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Nat Geo Expeditions Launches in Aus & NZ!
Discover the World is delighted to announce that we are now representing National Geographic Expeditions in Australia!

Unique destinations, access to research sites and field experts, after-hour tours, and specially arranged experiences with local people and cultures help set National Geographic apart from other travel programs. 

National Geographic create signature moments on their trips - like a National Geographic backstage pass! Travellers get the thrill of being an insider with the most iconic travel brand on the planet.

When National Geographic create itineraries, they look for opportunities to strengthen the unique access offered to those that choose to travel with them.

To highlight all the trip types and extensive itineraries that span across 80 countries National Geographic  have launched a new travel website. It delivers an engaging and responsive digital experience across mobile and desktop.
National Geographic Travel Expeditions partners with the best in class travel operators offering guests journeys by land, sea and even private jet. Visit to see destinations and trips available.

For more information about this exciting partnership or products available, please contact our Discover the World team on 1800 954 479 or email us.